Super 8, Regular 8 and 8 mm Film Digitization, Berlin

Schmalfilm-Archiv / KreativeDVD
Enrico Sohn,
Ibsenstraße 54, 10439 Berlin, Germany

Telefon: (+49) 030-2504 3507


Delivery and Payment Terms:
Please send your material via insured parcel post (that's also how it goes back). As soon as the work is done, we advise you per eMail and include the bill in form of a PDF. Upon transfer of funds, we expedite.

Please, send us a mail, when you are posting the parcel and we'll send you a confirming mail upon arrival. This is necessary, because we open parcels only shortly before we work with the material. Therefore, we can read your accompanying letter only later.

Should you be in Berlin
we can arrange for a personal meeting.

Data Protection:
We naturally treat your material with the utmost confidentiality. Films with questionable contents will, however, not be processed. Safety copies are deleted 3 weeks after you have received your films.
We do use Google Analytics to monitor web traffic. We ourselves do not collect or retain cookies of any sort.

In case of loss or damage, we are liable only to the extent of material costs. But believe me, we are treating your films like the personal treasures they are!


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Ihre Super 8 und Normal 8 Filme auf Full-HD statt DVD

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